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Maktun – is a completely free new app for numismatistsManaging collectionscatalogue of all coins of the worldrecognition by photo.


·         Recognises coins by a photo from your phone. We recognise around 150,000 types of coins.

·         Shows all catalogue information on any coin: countrynominal valueyears of mintagecatalogue numberseries and other details.

·         Saves all photos of your coins.

·         Manages your collection of coins and “Want in Exchange”, “Want to Buy”, “Want to Sell” lists.

·         Completely Free. No Ads.

·         To install the app, search “Maktun” using Google.Play (Android) or App Store(iOS).

How It Works


·         Take a photo of the coin from one side, flip it over, take a photo of the other side.

·         Maktun recognises all coin types. It will offer you the most relevant types.

·         For each option, it will show you photos of the coin and all catalogue information on it. (Click “Details”)

·         You can add this coin to your collection, “Want to Exchange”, “Want to Buy”, “Want to Sell” lists as well as leave any comments on it, visible to you only. (Click “Add Details”) 

·         Full catalogue of the coins known by Maktun, Your Collection and Lists are always accessible from the app menu.

How to take a photo of a coin for optimal recognition?


·        Place the coin against a white background (e.g. White sheet of paper).

·        Hold the phone parallel to the coin.

·        If the photo is blurred, take a photo once again. If there is not enough light, turn on the flash. (You can do it directly from the app.)

·        It’s not necessary to hold a phone very close to the coin, making the coin fill the square completely. However, make sure that it’s fully inside the square shown on the screen. The coin must not emerge outside the square.

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