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Select the best plan for you


- Recognise a coin or banknote

- Save photos of your coins and banknotes

- Manage your collection

- Create exchange, sale, or purchase lists

- Discover the value

- Share coins, banknotes, and lists with friends and other collectors

- Save 500 photos of your coins and banknotes



Pro - our monthly subscription plan.
By subscribing to Pro, you gain the possibility to:

- Create and manage up to 80 personal collections.

- Export your data to PDF, XLS, or CSV formats, with a generous limit of 100 coins and banknotes.

- Your backups can be securely stored in Cloud without any restrictions.

- Dive deep into your collection statistics, including the number of coins, banknotes, countries, denominations, a world map view, and easily identify missing pieces to complete your collection.

- Save an unlimited quantity of your coins and banknotes photos.



Pro +

Option for our annual subscription plan.

Pro+ for even more benefits.
With Pro+ you can:

- Expand your private collections to 100.

- Enjoy unlimited exports of your data to PDF, XLS, or CSV formats. 

- Your Cloud backups remain unrestricted. 

- Delve into comprehensive statistics about your collections, just like in the Pro plan.

- Save an unlimited quantity of your coins and banknotes photos.


Get access to exclusive features and benefits.

Data export
Generate files in different formats containing varied data from your collection. Export them to share your highlights with friends or to acquire essential information for further analysis.

Export your collection in convenient formats such as PDF, XLS or CSV. Save your valuable coin and banknote information on your device or just email it.

Detailed statistics
Explore statistics with additional features and in-depth analysis of your collection.

 - World map by different collections 

 - Number of types and specimens 
- Collection Weight 

 - Collection value

 - Information on the distribution of coins/banknotes by year

- Statistics on denominations and currencies 

 - Charts on materials, quality and distribution 

 - Statistics on personal collections

- List of missing coins or banknotes by series 

Create the private custom collection 
As well as standard collections, you can also create and manage your own custom collections with ease. Try it now to make your collection truly exceptional.

Secure data storage in the cloud
You can keep a backup of your data in cloud storage (iCloud and Google Drive), guaranteeing security and accessibility at all times.

Upload images of your coins and banknotes
The feature to upload photos of your coins and banknotes to the Maktun app to visualise your collection.