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Welcome to Maktun: your numismatics app.


Maktun is a free app designed specifically for numismatics, bonistics, and notaphily enthusiasts. With an intuitive interface and a wide range of features, I am the ideal assistant for managing your collections. Here's what you can expect:

·       Coin and banknote catalogue: Explore an extensive catalogue with over 300,000 types of coins and 120,000 types of banknotes. Use the photo search to identify items in your collection.

·       Collection management: Keep track of your collections with advanced tools. You can export data, view detailed statistics, create thematic collections, and easily share them with friends and other collectors.

·       Valuation: Get precise estimates of the value of your coins and banknotes, helping you better understand the significance and worth of your collection.

·       Adaptability: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced collector, Maktun is designed to adapt to your specific needs.

Maktun is available on all major app platforms. To install the app, visit:

Hi, I'm Maktun and I'm here to help you:


·       Recognise a coin or banknote: Photograph both sides of the coin or banknote, and I will find it in my catalogue, which contains detailed information on over 300,000 coins and 120,000 types of banknotes.

·       Save photos of your coins and banknotes: Besides saving images of your coins and banknotes, you can add comments and personalized details to keep track of the unique characteristics of each item in your collection. 

·       Get detailed information: Discover the country, nominal value, years of issue, catalogue number, mintage, weight, size, and other parameters from the catalogue information. Click on "Details" and I will tell you everything I know. 

·       Manage your collection: Add a coin or banknote to your collection, and I will save the photos and related comments.

·        Create exchange, sale, or purchase lists: Add the coin or banknote to the list, and I will keep it in memory.

·       Explore unique statistics on your collection: Discover the number of coins, banknotes, countries, nominal values, and even explore a world map that shows the extent of your collection.

·       Export your collection in convenient formats: Save your valuable coin and banknote information in PDF, XLS, or CSV formats, and share them with other enthusiasts.

·       Access your collection anytime: Register in the app and you will be able to view your collection from other devices as well. 

·       Offline access to your collection: Your collection will be available even without an internet connection.

·       Discover the value: Click on the $ symbol next to the coin or banknote, and I will show you the prices of lots sold in the past six months on online auctions.

·       Store collection on our servers: We will store a copy of your collection on our servers for free. Any information will be saved only with your consent.

·       Collection security: Thanks to Cloud backups, you can be sure of the security of your collection.

·       Share coins, banknotes, and lists with friends and other collectors.

·       Stay updated with news.

And all of this without any ads!

How to photograph a coin/banknote for optimal recognition


To achieve the best results when recognizing coins or banknotes with Maktun, follow these simple recommendations:

       1. On a white background: Place the coin or banknote on a clean white background, such as a sheet of white paper. This helps to distinguish the object and improve photo quality.

       2. Keep the phone parallel: For a clear image, hold the phone parallel to the surface of the coin or banknote.

       3. Check for clarity: If the image is blurry or unclear, take another shot. In low light conditions, use the phone's flash, which you can activate directly from the app.

       4. Proper distance: It’s not necessary to hold the phone very close to the object. The important thing is that the coin or banknote is fully within the frame on the app screen. Ensure the object does not extend beyond the frame’s edges.

       5. Turn off flash for reflections: If the flash reflects off the coin like a mirror, turn it off.

       6. Recognition limitations: Remember that Maktun does not recognize tokens, medals, replicas of non-existent coins, stamps, and other objects.

 By following these guidelines closely, you will increase the likelihood of obtaining precise and satisfactory results when recognizing your coins and banknotes with Maktun.

Maktun on Your PC


Now you can manage your coin or banknote collection not only on your smartphone but also on your computer. You will have the ability to manage your collection from any device you prefer to use at any given moment: computer, smartphone, or tablet. Maktun is now not just an app but also a website.

Coins and banknotes can only be recognized from a photo and their value is determined just in the app.