• Neural network сoin recognition robot - EN

Maktun is a new free application for numismatists, bonists and notaphilists.


·       Сoin and note search, photo recognition, value estimation, collection manager

·       Maktun already knows about 300 000 types of coins and 120 000 types of banknotes.

·       It suits both novice and experienced collectors.  

·       To install the app, search “Maktun” using Google.Play (Android)App Store (iOS) or Huawei AppGallery.

In Maktun you can


·       Recognize a coin and a banknote. Take a picture of a coin/banknote from both sides and I will find it in my catalog, which contains detailed information on 300 thousand coins and 120 thousand types of banknotes.

·       Save photos of your coins and banknotes.

·       Get detailed information about the coins and banknotes: country, denomination, years of issue, catalog number, circulation, weight, size and other parameters from catalogs. Click "Details" and I'll tell you all I know about them.

·       Manage your collection. Add a coin or banknot to your collection and I'll save your photos and notes related to them.

·       Maintain lists of exchange, sale or purchase. Add a coin/banknote to the list and I will keep it in my mind.

·       Always have access to your collection. Sign up in the app and you'll be able to access your collection from other devices.

·       Your collection will be available even without Internet access.

·       Estimate coin value. Press $ sign next to the coin/banknote and I'll show price lots that were sold on internet auctions in the last 6 months.

·       Store the collection on our servers. If you wish, we will store a copy of your collection on our servers free of charge. Any information on our servers is stored only after your permission.

·       Be sure about the safety of your collection, thanks to the backup system.

·       Share coins, banknotes and lists with friends and other collectors.

·       Stay tuned for updates.

And it's all free and without ads.

How to take a photo of a coin/banknote for optimal recognition?


·        Place the coin or banknote on a white background (for example, on a sheet of white paper).

·        Hold the phone parallel to the coin/banknote.

·        If the image is blurry (unsharp), take the photo again. In low light conditions, turn on the flashlight or flash on your phone (You can do it directly from the app).

·        It is not necessary to hold the phone as close as possible so that the coin / banknote occupies the entire square. However, make sure that it’s fully inside the square shown on the screen. The coin must not emerge outside the square.

·       In some cases, the flash is reflected in the coin or banknote as in a mirror. In this case, turn off the flash.

·       Please note, that the app cannot recognise tokens, medals, copies of non-existent coins, stamps, notes and other objects.